Review: Remy Martin Club

Review: Remy Martin Club

I picked up this bottling during my recent trip to Cognac, as it’s normally an Asia-only exclusive that I’d never even heard of before. (You can track it down stateside if you try, though.) A blend of 70% Grande Champagne and 30% Petite Champagne eaux de vie, aging extends for to up to 20 years.

All told, it’s a soft, approachable, and rather versatile Cognac. The nose is classic, showcasing bright and fresh linens, lavender, and just a bit oaky, its softer, grape-driven elements giving way to the barrel’s lightly charred hand. The more savory elements grow in prominence with time in glass, but the brandy never loses its lightly floral charms.

The palate sees a stronger body than expected, gently sweet and fruity, with notes of golden raisins, baked apple, and some citrus in the mix. Again there’s a floral element — jasmine-like here — before a finish driven by semi-sweet chocolate, studded with juicy raisins and some toasted walnuts, comes more into focus. This isn’t exactly a wild ride from point A to point B, but it’s a lovely and quaffable journey all the same that invites repeated visits.

And, I would assume, perfect for the club.

80 proof.

A- / $100 (700ml) /

Remy Martin Club




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