Review: Citadelle Extremes No. 4 “Sergent Pepper” Gin

Review: Citadelle Extremes No. 4 “Sergent Pepper” Gin

Alexandre Ferrand sent me home from France with the fourth installment in Citadelle’s “Extremes” limited edition gin lineup, which was developed in 2021, with only 1000 bottles produced. Miraculously you can still find it for sale if you try.

Citadelle Extrême N°4 Sergent Pepper is a spin on Citadelle which is built around two varieties of pepper: Fresh Sansho berries from Bhutan and what alongside what is said to be the rarest pepper in the world: White Bird peppers from Cambodia.

I love pepper, and I really loved this gin. To kick things off, understand that the experience is not overtly pungent or redolent of black pepper in the way that, say, Absolut Peppar is. There’s a mildly spicy quality to the nose, but the predominant notes are more traditional aromas of juniper, earthy angelica, and a mix of baking spices. The palate finds room for a pinch of sweetness, with lemon-orange citrus notes leading the charge. Balancing notes of (stronger) allspice and nutmeg quickly emerge, tempered by an ample helping of piney juniper and rumbling, earthy coriander and angelica notes.

Oh yes — the pepper. Spice isn’t shy here, but again the gin never hits the palate with any sense that you’re going to be scorched by heat or clutching your throat due to the influence of ground peppercorns. The influence is subtle, a mild warming quality that works well with the alcohol (45.4% abv), while finishing with just a hint of peppery bite. The lemon element in the gin makes for a particularly natural complement, and again a hint of sweetness keeps the punch of pepper in check.

From start to finish it’s a bright and bracing experience that is delightful on its own, and which offers ample versatility for martinis and Bloody Marys… and probably more drinks I’ve yet to consider it for. It’s arguably the best gin on my back bar at the moment.

90.8 proof.

A / $100 (700ml) /

Citadelle Extremes No. 4 "Sergent Pepper" Gin




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