Review: Farmer’s Organic Gin

Review: Farmer’s Organic Gin

You may have come across Farmer’s Organic Gin in its former life when it was produced in Minnesota and packaged in a no-frills square bottle. Safe to say, a lot has changed for the brand. Under the stewardship of Chatham Imports (of Michter’s whiskey fame), Farmer’s Gin production has traveled several states west to Idaho where it remains a USDA certified organic product (as well as gluten, carb, and added sugar free). It is distilled from a base of organic wheat grown at 1,000 Springs Mill Farm in Buhl, Idaho and then steeped with botanicals that include juniper, elderflower, lemongrass, coriander, rose, angelica root, and hemp seed. And the packaging, as you can see, is now all-frills, with a slender, heavily embossed bottle and an eye-catching, Audubon-style label. Let’s check it out.

The nose is mild and inviting. The combination of gentle juniper, sweet lemon peel, and even a bit of blueberry gives this gin a rather fruit-forward aroma. Even the traditional evergreen elements are so dialed back that they almost dissolve behind bolder spice cabinet notes. As it opens, the florals build with rose and elderflower. The palate is sizable and well-rounded, owing probably to the organic wheat at its foundation. Notes of lemon peel and cinnamon stick find equal measure with pine and licorice, giving things a more classic flavor profile, although the creamy texture here is a real standout feature that helps to elevate the whole experience. A touch of nuttiness creeps in on the finish which is generous with fading notes of plump juniper berry and wintergreen. An impressive gin, it’s ideal as a cocktail companion but also engaging enough for neat sipping.

93.4 proof.


Farmer's Organic Gin




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