Review: Cierto Tequila Blanco and Extra Anejo

Review: Cierto Tequila Blanco and Extra Anejo

We recently had a chance to try Cierto Private Collection Tequila Reposado and Añejo, and both were excellent. Today we swing back around to try the youngest and oldest tequilas Cierto produces. Both are 100% Blue Weber agave and 100% additive free, and both come in the same stylish, oversized bottles — with sky-high price points. The extra añejo, like the añejo, is aged in French oak casks that previously contained various wines and spirits, including Cognac and Armagnac. Let’s pour a couple of glasses and give them a try.

Both are 80 proof. NOM 1146.

Cierto Private Collection Tequila Blanco – Unaged, this tequila exudes agave character. The nose is bright, fresh, and expressive with lime, fresh roasted agave, and red pepper. The palate follows suit and goes deeper. Lightly sweet agave, fresh red pepper, and cracked black pepper hit first. A touch of mint and grapefruit pith follow, along with some minerality and an earthy note. The finish could be a bit longer, but this is a delicious, complex sipping tequila. It would almost be a shame to use it to make cocktails. A / $89 [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

Cierto Private Collection Tequila Extra Añejo – Aged for 4 years, this tequila pours the color of gold. The nose is fairly reserved, showing light but rounded notes of vanilla, winey fruit, and oak. The palate is similar, opening with vanilla, black cherry, leather, and gentle wood tannins. Midpalate, some Cognac fruitiness appears along with black pepper. Dark chocolate comes in for the finish, which is long and pleasant as the vanilla, chocolate, pepper, and oak slowly disappear. This tequila is enjoyable and complex, and it may be a hit with fans of extra añejo, but I wanted the agave to play a larger role, and it was almost completely hidden by the wood. A- / $279 [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

Cierto Private Collection Tequila Blanco




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