Review: Ravella Tequila Extra Anejo

Review: Ravella Tequila Extra Anejo

We have seen a number of tequila brands fronted by celebrities, but this is the first I know of to be fronted by a celebrity company. Ravella is a new tequila brand being released by 11 Ravens, a high-end manufacturing company known for its custom luxury game tables, including billiards, table tennis, poker, and more. Their first release is an extra añejo, with the promise of a joven forthcoming. The extra añejo is aged for a minimum of 36 months in American new oak and comes in a beautiful and distinctive bottle and case. With no more information about the tequila, let’s give it a try and let it speak for itself.

The nose is classic extra añejo with deep notes of rich chocolate, vanilla, and herbaceous agave all coming together beautifully. The palate follows suit but leans more toward the chocolate elements (tasting like high quality 60% dark), which is not surprising considering the lengthy period the tequila spent in barrel. Gentle notes of agave and vanilla arrive midpalate and join the chocolate for the lengthy finish. Each of the flavor notes stands out on their own and then seamlessly join the rest. The tequila is a bit hot, a touch more than I expected at 80 proof, but not excessive. Altogether, this is a bold yet balanced tequila. The price is steep, but the tequila’s flavors are distinctive and delicious, and they come together well into a harmonious whole.

80 proof. NOM 1438.

A / $280 /

Ravella Tequila Extra Anejo




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