Review: Snowdrop Vodka

Review: Snowdrop Vodka

Our prior outing with Vermont’s Saxtons River Distillery saw us reviewing the operation’s top shelf Perc Coffee Liqueur, way back in 2014. Now we’re back with less exotic fare: A vodka made from a corn-based mash that’s put through a vacuum distillation process before bottling. A portion of the proceeds from sales are earmarked to benefit relief for Ukraine.

It’s a perfectly approachable vodka — though clearly from the U.S. rather than the Ukraine. Clean for the most part but a little doughy on the nose, the aromatics are sweet and gently floral, with touches of the underlying corn mash visible. Pleasant but mostly neutral, the aromas hardly stand out in any particular dimension.

The palate shows off a bit more sweetness than expected, lightly sweetened dairy cream coming across a bit like something you’d find on top of your favorite coffee-based beverage. Ringed with light notes of coconut and vanilla, there’s a hint of cake frosting on the finish, which could altogether stand to be a bit more biting and a bit less dessert-like.

80 proof.

B+ / $33 /

Snowdrop Vodka




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