Review: Le Portteus Red Wine Decanter

Review: Le Portteus Red Wine Decanter

Every wine lover needs a decanter on hand for the occasional aeration task. Not every decanter needs to cost a fortune. A pint glass will even work in a pinch if you need to get some air into your wine and remove sediment.

Understandably, many wine drinkers look for a little elegance when decanting wine: Elevated drinking should be a visual feast as well as one for the gullet, after all. But can elegance be achieved without shelling out hundreds of dollars?

Enter the Le Portteus Red Wine Decanter, a traditional Captain’s style decanter with a narrow neck and a wide, flared base. The lip is angled to allow for easier pouring — both in and out — though this makes it slightly more difficult to use a screen filter if you have one. No glass stopper here; instead you get a spherical cork that rests gently in the opening.

Le Portteus is made from fairly thin, hand-blown glass, and it’s got more than enough room for a full bottle of wine. As with most decanters of this style, it can be a little difficult to get the final glass out of the unit — requiring it to be completely upended vertically — but since the decanter itself is so light, this isn’t much of an issue. As a bonus, the company includes a collection of cleaning beads, which make stain removal easy. (Just swirl them in the base for a minute with a little warm water.)

Best of all is the price: Just $37 currently. You simply won’t find a better deal on a decanter of this quality on the market.


Le Portteus Red Wine Decanter




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  1. Ely on May 5, 2023 at 9:34 am

    I purchased the Le Portteus Red Wine Decanter based on the recommendation in this review, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The decanter is not only elegant but also very functional. It aerates my wine perfectly and removes any sediment with ease. The cleaning beads that come with the decanter are a game-changer, making the cleaning process so much easier. And the best part is the price! At just $37, it’s an excellent value for the quality of the product. I highly recommend the Le Portteus Red Wine Decanter to any wine lover who wants to enjoy a beautiful and delicious glass of wine.

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