Review: Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel Bourbon 2022

Review: Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel Bourbon 2022

Wyoming Whiskey’s latest single barrel hit at the end of 2022. As usual we’re late to reviewing, but, as we will agree, better than never, right?

As with its prior Single Barrel releases, this whiskey is drawn from the top 1% of Wyoming’s production, and each bottle is unique, pulled from a single barrel stored in one of Wyoming’s 6 rickhouses, with the barrel ID denoted on the label. Carrying a 5 year old age statement, it is as always a wheated bourbon, bottled at 48% abv.

Wyoming’s Single Barrel offerings are always a treat, and this 2022 expression is no exception to that rule. Sweet but not overdone on the nose, aromas feature a bold peanut butter and honey note, slightly corny but with a Honeycomb cereal quality. A healthy spray of gingerbread spice and a lightly floral incense note emerge with a little time in glass, though this doesn’t take a lot of effort to evoke.

The palate feels youthful but not too young, sweet but again not overblown. Peanut butter turns to peanut brittle, ringed with milk chocolate, toasted coconut, and more of that honey quality. There’s a spicier bent to the finish, though it isn’t overwhelming, with a fair barrel char influence showing as well. The wood is toasty but never overdone, and unlike in prior years, none of this comes across as smoky or savory. While 2021’s release was a more brooding, savory expression, 2022 sees Wyoming Single Barrel taking a few steps back toward the dessert cart. I think that’s a fine thing.

96 proof. Reviewed: Barrel #6471.

A- / $100 /

Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel Bourbon 2022




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