10 Top Whiskeys Under $100

Drinkhacker readers: We’ve heard your cries. Our top ten lists regularly feature whiskeys that are impossible to get, much too expensive, or both.

With this feature, we’re diving deep into 10 bottlings you can readily obtain from our partners at Coasters, with none costing more than $85, and half of them under $50. Best of all, we’ve given all of these whiskeys the Drinkhacker stamp of approval. Read on for product details and links where you can pick each of them up. Shipping is a great deal: $15 flat rate under $200; free shipping for orders over $200.

UPDATE: Through May 31 2023, use code HACKER10 to get 10% off any order, any amount!

1. Nikka Whiskey from the Barrel – Never mind that all whiskey comes from a barrel, this complex Japanese blend is a delightful exploration of fruit, wood, and sweet vanilla. Bottles vary from batch to batch, sometimes dramatically, which makes picking this up in quantity a worthwhile endeavor. 102.8 proof. $80 [BUY IT NOW]

2. Rittenhouse Straight Rye Bottled in Bond – Our hands-down reach-for-it anytime rye, Rittenhouse makes an impression in a cocktail but not on your wallet, offering a well-crafted 50% abv expression that embarrasses itself with notes of gingerbread, orange peel, creme brulee, and dark chocolate, balanced by just the right amount of wood. 100 proof. $30 [BUY IT NOW]

3. Laphroaig 10 Years Old – When people say they don’t like smoky whiskey, this is what they’re talking about. Laphroaig may not be for everyone, but it stands near the top of the heap when it comes to peated Scotch, offering a bacon-smoked, medicinal quality that’s well balanced with elements of red fruit, baking spice, and light maple qualities. Still an excellent bargain in the heady single malt world. 86 proof. $66 [BUY IT NOW]

4. Legent Bourbon – Controversial since its 2019 release, Legent was intended as a blend of American and Japanese whiskeymaking techniques, which is made with some aggressive finishing techniques that include some sherry barrel aging. All kinds of things going on here: citrus, stone fruits, chocolate, and cherry blossoms. It’s mostly in line with bourbon expectations, but the fruit-forwardness of the whiskey is one of a kind. 94 proof. $46 [BUY IT NOW]

5. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon – One of the few high-proof bourbons we stock up on, regularly multiple bottles at a time, thanks to its versatility, extremely high quality, and approachable price. It can be in-your-face thanks to its abv, but the beautiful notes of dried orange, grapefruit, and florals that shine through keep the chewy, rich experience on point throughout. 115 proof. $60 [BUY IT NOW]

6. WhistlePig Small Batch Rye 10 Years Old – We rave often about WhistlePig’s luxe Boss Hog expressions, but the OG release — now denoted “Small Batch” to distinguish it from the homegrown FarmStock and PiggyBack releases — remains one of the best well-aged ryes you can find, working ideally as both a straight sipper and an upscale cocktail ingredient. It’s built around Canadian stock, but the folks at WhistlePig still clearly know where to find the best barrels. 100 proof. $84 [BUY IT NOW]

Green Spot Whiskey US

7. Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey – The “Spot” that started it all, Green Spot serves as the perfect introduction to the Irish Single Pot Still style, showcasing honey and fruit melding perfectly with richly roasted grains. Some sweetness creeps in as it develops, but the dry, crisp finish is always an invitation for continued exploration. 80 proof. $66 [BUY IT NOW]

8. Heaven’s Door Bourbon – I certainly didn’t expect much from yet another celebrity-branded whiskey collection when Heaven’s Door dropped in 2018, but tasting made me an instant convert, starting with this wholly affordable Tennessee bourbon bottling. It’s sourced stock — Heaven’s Door is breaking ground now on its own distillery — but as with many top shelf sourced spirits, this one proves that getting access to the good stuff is half the battle. 90 proof. $46 [BUY IT NOW]

9. Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon – Few had encountered wine-finished bourbon before Angel’s Envy arrived way back in 2010, but now the uniquely shaped bottles have become standby expressions on back bars and whiskey lists everywhere. The Port finishing works, giving Angel’s Envy a uniquely fruity, chocolate-heavy character that is pretty much universally adored, for good reason. 86.6 proof. $50 [BUY IT NOW]

10. George Dickel Bottled in Bond 13 Years Old – Dickel drops a bonded expression every year, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. This 13 year old expression is some of the oldest readily available Tennessee whiskey stock on the market, and it invariably plays like a greatest hits of bourbon’s boldest flavors: Gingerbread, brandied cherries, mint, and roasted nuts. And finally a pinch of dill just to remind you who made the stuff. 100 proof. $50 [BUY IT NOW]

10 Top Whiskeys Under $100




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