Review: Macorix Rum Gran Reserva

Review: Macorix Rum Gran Reserva

Ron Macorix is little seen in the U.S., but it’s been making rum in the Dominican Republic since 1899. Gran Reserva is the company’s top end spirit, though details on its production are decidedly scarce. This bottle was procured (not by me) directly from the distillery.

It’s a perfectly serviceable rum, though hardly top shelf material (particularly at 37.5% abv). Rather sweet on the nose and evocative of stewed fruits, it’s dusted with black pepper and some baking spice. The peppery notes are a bit of a surprise, and they grow stronger in the glass alongside bolder elements of red fruit. The palate’s quite a bit sweeter than the nose lets on, featuring big brown sugar elements, flamed banana, and a chocolate character. It’s the kind of vanilla-heavy rum that they probably tell you at the distillery to “pour over ice cream,” and that’s not terrible advice here. A simple high-end cola mixer, however, might be more effective at taming the aggressive sweetness that clings to the finish.

75 proof.

B / $40 /

Macorix Rum Gran Reserva




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