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Coppa Cp

When I’ve got a hankering for a margarita, the Netherlands isn’t the first country that pops into my mind, so forgive me if I was a little skeptical when a bottle of Dutch-produced Coppa Cocktails Margarita arrived at my door. Packaged in a stylish bottle wrapped in botanical imagery, this ready-to-drink margarita is eye-catching, to be sure, and would make a great gift if you’re heading to a party. But the proof is in the tasting, so I wasted little time in cracking the cap and pouring a couple of cocktails.

Unadulterated from the bottle, the Coppa Margarita is one of the best examples of the premixed margarita I’ve tasted – and I just tasted about a dozen of them in a roundup for National Margarita Day last month. A classic blend of lime juice, orange liqueur, and blanco tequila, this margarita strikes a near-perfect balance of tartness and just a touch of sweetness, and shows just enough tequila presence to be satisfying. While most ready-to-drink cocktails send me rummaging through the bar or fridge in search of amendments, this one is just about perfect on its own. (Though I’ll always garnish with a lime, because it’s only right.)

15% abv.

A / $18 /

Coppa Cocktails Margarita




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