Review: Silent Pool Gin

Review: Silent Pool Gin

Silent Pool Distillers is located on the Albury Estate at the foot of the Surrey Hills in the UK and was founded in 2015 by former ITV Commercial Director Ian McCulloch and James Shelbourne. Their Silent Pool Gin is made with 24 botanicals which are infused using a rather complex process. Prepare yourself, this is quite involved. First, Bosnian juniper berries, English coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, liquorice root, cassia bark, cubeb, grains of paradise, cardamom, bergamot, bitter orange peel, and local honey are macerated in the base spirit. Next, there is a “gin tea infusion” in which delicate botanicals are macerated in a high proof spirit after which the plant material is discarded. The gin tea infusion introduces Kaffir lime leaves, chamomile, rose petals, linden flower, elderflower, and lavender. Finally, during distillation, there is a basket infusion which introduces Macedonian juniper berries, angelica root, fresh lime, and fresh and dried orange peels and pears. Altogether, quite involved. Let’s see how it all plays out in the glass.

On the nose, Silent Pool Gin bursts with bright pine, lavender, and citrus notes, including oily lemon peel and lemon juice. Some gentle, sweet honey notes and licorice are also apparent. The palate follows suit and is even more complex. Juniper comes first with big notes of pine and black pepper followed quickly by lemon citrus, lavender, and chamomile, accompanied by an oily mouthfeel. There’s also an earthy character here. A touch of gentle sweetness from the honey follows along with a touch of black licorice for a gentle, medium length finish. This is a bold but well-integrated gin that works well by itself and really shines in a G&T. This gin will appeal to fans of London Dry who want a familiar product that pushes the envelope in some delicious directions.

86 proof.

A / $55 /

Silent Pool Gin




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