Review: 10 Barrel Brewing Classic Margarita

Review: 10 Barrel Brewing Classic Margarita

Made with tequila, triple sec, lemon-lime, honey, and a little salt, Oregon-based 10 Barrel continues its craft of ready-to-drink cocktails with this Classic Margarita. Aimed at the center of the bullseye for what we all think of when we think of a margarita, this RTD classic delivers a clean, though fairly sweet, citrusy sipper that’s sure to please a gathering at the poolside or the tailgate.

Straight from the can, this straightforward beverage delivers refreshing lime to the palate and tangy triple sec to the nose with only the lightest tequila flavor. The honey is subtle and could easily be mistaken for agave syrup, and the pinch of salt balances and enhances the whole sensory experience. It’s sweet, but not cloying, and the tang is soft rather than biting. All in, this is an easy-drinking party cocktail that’s ready for a good time and probably won’t alienate anyone.

Backyard entertainers can easily get away with pouring this Classic Margarita straight over rocks and serving them up, and if you’re camping or tailgating it stands up fine served directly in the can, but the well-balanced cocktail provides a great base for customization as well. Add wedges of lime and orange, a float of Cointreau, and maybe an extra shot of your favorite tequila, and you’ve got the start of something great.

9% abv.

B+ / $12 per four-pack /

10 Barrel Brewing Classic Margarita




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