How I Joined Flaviar and Changed How I Taste Fine Spirits

How I Joined Flaviar and Changed How I Taste Fine Spirits

You’ve probably been there before. Visiting the local liquor store only to be left absolutely flabbergasted by the unfamiliar spirits you know absolutely nothing about.

Or worse—picking a bottle only to find out it’s not really for you and now you have yet another dusty on your shelf.

How about wanting to try something new at the local bar only to be presented with the unimaginative mainstream swill you’ve sworn off in your earlier, more youthful days?

Or actually finding something new to try, but feel like you’re being ripped off for your curiosity with the horribly high prices?

I’m happy to tell you that I’ve found a way to take control of your fine spirits tasting experience from now on—and I promise I can help you too.

What is Flaviar Anyway?

Flaviar is a completely personalized online spirits club that lets aficionados like me and you try the best, the craftiest, and the rarest spirits from the comfort of our homes.

With their nifty tasting boxes of 3 curated premium whiskey samples I discovered new spirit categories and flavors I never thought I’d like. And along with the provided tasting notes and massive online educational resources, I learned all about the different spirit categories as well as how to taste the little flavor differences and nuances between them.

I developed my palate to some serious professional heights and started building an impressive, more personalized home collection that would make anyone jealous!

All that at a fraction of the price at my local bar since I didn’t have to splurge on full-size bottles.

Flaviar’s mission is to help you get the most out of the world of fine spirits and I’ll let you know how you too can get the most of it!

What’s a Tasting Box?

These things are the best, I swear, and what Flaviar does best! Think sampler sets, but if they were made into a blockbuster movie. Each of them has a theme and they’re specially designed to take your palate on a flavorful ride through a certain spirit category or flavor profile.

Tasting boxes contain three 1.7 oz high-quality glass vials filled with expert-curated spirits, ranging from big brands to craft distillers, neatly packaged inside a beautiful box, each with a collectible concrete coaster, and corresponding tasting notes and a smartass corner to give you the necessary street cred.

How Does the Flaviar Membership Work?

Flaviar offers you a choice of a 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month membership that includes complimentary tasting boxes (each containing three vials with premium spirit samples) and/or bottles of your choice (any spirits category you like!) PLUS tons of some very tasty members-only benefits.

Check their flexible membership plans HERE!

There’s a choice for everyone and the memberships are very flexible.

Want to just dip your toe and see what’s it all about? Get the monthly membership for only $60 and get to choose 1 tasting box or bottle to be delivered to you each month.

Want to take on a new hobby in style? The 3-month membership will have you choose 2 tasting boxes or bottles to be delivered anytime you want so you can keep a steady stream of booze coming in for just $110 or $37/month.

Looking to take it to another level? Grab the 12-month membership for $350 and make your 2023 “The Year of Spirits Expert” with 8 products of your choice delivered to you throughout the year in any number or combination of deliveries.

Now, $350 might sound much, but think of it as a $29/month subscription and it’s right there with the rest. Plus, they keep a steady rotation of membership deals active, so you can expect great savings and even awesome gifts.

As a Flaviarista, you’ll also always have full control over your membership.

You can skip or delay your membership payments at any time, and you can also cancel your membership at any time!

But beware: you’ll be missing all the exciting things happening every week!

What Else Can You Expect from a Flaviar Membership?

Besides all the awesome tasting boxes and bottles, Flaviar members enjoy special prices in the online shop, free shipping on all online shop orders above $60, early access to Flaviar Original bottlings, access to the spirit lovers community, VIP access to WhiskyX events, and monthly access to some of the rarest and most sought-after gems inside The Vault—there’s top-shelf stuff reserved for true connoisseurs right there.

Stop waiting in line or getting friendly with the local liquor provider just to get to some quality allocated bottles—Flaviar’s got your back!

Can I Gift a Flaviar Membership?

I’m a person that absolutely feels the need to share when I find something cool! For better or worse sometimes, hah hah…

If you feel that maybe Flaviar isn’t exactly for you, but know someone who will get a good kick out of it, you can gift them Flaviar! There’s a selection of 3 different Flaviar Gift Plans that were specially designed to give them the best membership experience—and they, too, will be able to pick the spirits they want to try.

It’s THE gift for any spirits aficionado, let me tell ya.

Final Thoughts

There are several options to get your hands on booze out there, but Flaviar is just something else.

From a wide selection of spirits from all categories, themed tasting boxes, original bottlings, special member prices, and free delivery, to smart and educating content, peer reviews, expert recommendations, and events—there’s just so much bang for your buck! You’ll literally feel like you have a personal curator guiding you to the best finds out there.

They say tasting is believing, and I believe you have to give Flaviar a try if you like your whiskey. Or rum. Or tequila.

Check their membership plans and give Flaviar a try HERE!

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