Review: Indri Trini – The Three Wood Indian Single Malt

Review: Indri Trini – The Three Wood Indian Single Malt

More and more whisky from India continues to land on our shores, the most recent a single malt from Piccadilly Distilleries called Indri, which is distilled in Indri, Haryana, and made from indigenous barley grown in Rajasthan. This is the first Indian whisky to be produced in three different wooden barrels, hence the “Three Wood” moniker, including ex-bourbon, French red wine, and PX sherry casks. The whisky is matured in three separate barrel types before blending, not barreled in sequence.

No age statements here, though Indian whisky is typically bottled very young out of necessity due to the swelteringly hot climate.

I’m ready to tuck in, how about you?

Malty and cereal-forward on the nose, the whisky is slightly restrained and a touch doughy — pleasant but not immediately remarkable, though touches of fruit are aromatically evident. Fortunately, the whisky comes to life on the palate, showing a bright gingerbread note paired with lemon curd, brown sugar, and a slight marshmallow element — altogether showcasing a surprisingly sweet, almost candylike experience. A strident orange peel note driven by the sherry influence develops over time and permeates the finish, evoking a Speyside Scotch more than at any other point in the experience, albeit with some level of restraint.

All told this diverges a bit from the more typical Indian whisky profile to the point where it could easily pass for Scotch — for better or worse.

92 proof.


Indri Trini - The Three Wood Indian Single Malt




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