Review: Tequila Eterno Verano Blanco

Review: Tequila Eterno Verano Blanco

While inspired by Bruce Brown’s classic 1966 surf film The Endless Summer, I’m assured you don’t have to be a surfer to drink this beach-centric blanco, a 100% blanco offering crafted from a blend of Highlands and Lowlands agave by Master Tequilero Arturo Fuentes. Let’s give it a spin.

Somewhat rustic on the nose, this tequila presents an agave-forward aroma, heavily herbal with a dusting of lime leaf underneath. Peppery with both black and red pepper notes, there’s no shortage of spicy heat to go around here. The palate has much the same to recommend it: Big agave, earthy and herbal, with some gentle citrus and, eventually, notes of milk chocolate perking up on the finish. The peppery bite of a classic blanco endures for some time, and while it’s a bit punchy for straight sipping, it does make for nearly perfect margarita fodder.

80 proof. NOM 1472.

B+ / $50 /

Tequila Eterno Verano Blanco




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