Snus in Sports: Why Athletes Consume Snus

Snus in Sports: Why Athletes Consume Snus


Snus and its effect in sports has not been conclusively scientifically proven. According to previous findings, sports associations assume it has a performance-enhancing effect, which is why many organizations prohibit snus in sports. Some clubs even go so far as to put snus on the anti-doping list. What exactly is the hype among athletes and the contra of some sports associations?

Nicotine – The most important ingredient in snus

Anyone who smokes cigarettes knows that smoking has a negative effect on breathing. The reason for this is the component nicotine in tobacco. In a conventional cigarette, however, the nicotine content is much lower than in most portions of snus. In most cases it is 0.8 mg/g, while in snus it can be up to 40 mg/g. Additives are added to the tobacco, which are not added to the snus pouches. Therefore, snus in sports is comparable to cigarettes or cigars only to a limited extent.

Nicotine as a booster

Although nicotine has many negative properties, it is not completely banned in relation to sports activities. In fact, according to WADA’s knowledge, nicotine often has a concentration-boosting effect on athletes. This gives an athletic snus consumer an advantage over the competition, and reason enough for WADA to put snus on the anti-doping list, albeit still with reservations. Athletes who consume loose snus before competitions are currently not punished. They are neither disqualified nor deprived of their performance.

Snus and its effects in sports are therefore in a gray area. For amateur athletes outside of competition, there is no restriction anyway; they can consume snus before sports. The booster lasts longer with a high nicotine concentration in the snus pouch than with alternative tobacco products. Therefore, it is important to take snus before sports in small doses so as not to cause an overreaction in the organs. Many people who consume snus before sports report cardiac arrhythmia or palpitations afterwards. Inexperienced snus users must therefore be especially careful about how much they take.

Nicotine has a detrimental effect on muscle building

Contrary to many claims that snus promotes muscle growth in the body, doctors point out that often just the opposite is true. Nicotine affects muscle structure and its blood flow. Thick blood is slower and also causes an undersupply of oxygen. The muscles do not build up, but become paralyzed. In the phase of muscle building, therefore, only a small amount of snus should be consumed so as not to unnecessarily diminish success.

Decreasing tension before a competition

It has been proven, although not yet conclusively confirmed, that snus relieves tension in the body. This is proven because there have been similar experiences with cigarettes for decades. Nervous smokers smoke because they cannot reduce tension in any other way. They lack the mental strength to reduce tension through natural healing powers and instead use nicotine in the form of tobacco products.

Snus achieves an intoxicating effect only when consumed at very high levels and only for a short time. However, this is not so much due to the components in the tobacco product as its effect on endorphins in the brain. Snus is also used in sports to calm down and relax the body before a competition. While there are no problems in private, competitive athletes have to be careful that their use is not proven, since more and more associations reject snus and consider it a doping agent.

Snus stimulates digestion

Nervousness often affects the gastrointestinal tract. It usually starts with a slight rumbling in the stomach. Subsequently, acidity increases to the point of diarrhea. Snus has a calming effect and that all the way into the stomach. The digestion is not overstrained – much to the benefit of the snus consumer.

An unbalanced diet, on the other hand, often leads to constipation. If the intestines are blocked, this makes top athletic performance much more difficult. Snus stimulates digestion and thus promotes regular bowel movements. It is important that the body receives sufficient nutrients so that it is not undersupplied.

Snus increases fat burning

Fat is not suitable for athletes. To burn a lot of fat, the body needs to be exercised. If snus is consumed before sports, it has a positive effect on fat burning. With a higher pulse rate, the body burns more fat because it is driven to peak performance. If snus is used in small doses, athletes can benefit from the positive effect. On the one hand fat is burned, on the other hand muscle building is not paralyzed.

Snus increases general well-being

Many know this from everyday working life. As soon as stress arises at work, something has to be done to control it. The main thing is to deal with stress in a more relaxed way. A general feeling of well-being is responsible for this. Inner restlessness increases stress and heart rate and causes a lack of concentration.

After a portion of snus, snus users often feel much better. They deal with pressure or stress in a more relaxed manner. Negative things don’t hit their stomachs so quickly. They do not let themselves be upset. Experienced athletes describe this phenomenon similarly. Snus in sports generally has a positive effect on body and mind. This is not scientifically proven, but consumers’ statements alone provide enough information about the possible effect of snus in sports.

Buy legal snus

In Switzerland you can buy snus legally. The best way is to register there and create an account. You will find your favorite brands available in a convenient subscription and you can always test the latest varieties from Scandinavia. The club is a reliable snus supplier that delivers snus directly to the address of your choice.

If you want to know what effect snus has on you during sports, you should buy snus online and take it in small doses before sports. At any time you can adjust the snus dosage and adapt it to your own needs. Consuming snus during sports is a way to improve your personal performance in the short term and to reduce nervousness.

If you are going to participate in a tournament, you have to check with the association if you are allowed to consume snus before the sport. Order your personal favorites online in the Snus Club Shop now!

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