Review: Telson Tequila Blanco

Review: Telson Tequila Blanco

Multi-brand beverage startup Romero Brands launched a new tequila last year called Telsón, made from 100% Highlands agave. Per the company, “Each 750-ml bottle features the geographic coordinates (20°40’18.4”N, 102°36’55.6″W) on the neck label that corresponds to the location of Hacienda Capellania, the farm in San José de Gracia, Jalisco, Mexico, where the first crop of Telsón Tequila’s Weber Blue agave was grown on a patch of three acres at 6,194 feet above sea level.”

We received the blanco expression for review, though a reposado and anejo are both also available. Thoughts follow.

Stylistically, this is a very soft, sweet, and seductive little blanco. Dismiss any thoughts of boldly peppery, agave-laden elements that bite at the nose and palate. Rather, aromas of vanilla, milk chocolate, and cinnamon are effusive, and the palate mimics them in lockstep. Creamy and almost chewy, the tequila is a delightful mix of dessert-like notes, reminscent immediately of churros and chocolate. Cinnamon hits heavy with this one, lingering on the finish alongside a light dollop of lemon curd and the barest hint of green agave.

It doesn’t present like a blanco, but it’s certainly worthwhile all the same. If you’d have told me this was a cristalino I would have totally believed you.

80 proof. NOM 1545.

B+ / $40 /

Telson Tequila Blanco




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