Review: High Camp Torch Flask

Review: High Camp Torch Flask

The travel-minded folks at High Camp flasks continue to work to minimize the adventurer’s luggage load with their latest, and smallest, offering to date, the Torch Flask. And it may just be their best design yet. Last year, Chris considered the 375 ml-sized Firelight an ideal camping companion, but this even smaller option could easily replace your favorite hip flask for any on-the-go spirits enjoyment.

The design of the Torch is also thermos-inspired, but in adorable, 6 oz. miniature, and made from the same kitchen grade stainless steel available in four different color options. It’s double-wall insulated for temperature protection with a clever, magnetic top that serves as a 3 oz. shot glass instead of the Firelight’s larger tumbler. Underneath, the wide screw-top offers spillproof peace of mind. Undoubtedly, the best part about the Torch is that you’ll never have to dig through that miscellaneous kitchen drawer in whose fathomless depths reside your comically tiny funnel and bottle brush. That’s because the Torch can also be accessed by a screw-off bottom for easy cleaning, funnel-free filling, and, perhaps most importantly, effortless access for a pre-mixed drink (with ice!) that will stay cool the entire afternoon or evening (or morning, when the occasion calls for it). Can any of your other flasks do that? We didn’t think so.

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High Camp Torch Flask




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