Review: 2020 Justin Savant Paso Robles

Review: 2020 Justin Savant Paso Robles

Savant is a blend of cabernet sauvignon (45%) and syrah (55%) from Paso Robles-based Justin, and it’s one of the less commonly seen wines from the brand. Clearly designed for winter weather given its burly varietal composition, let’s see if we what magic the 2020 vintage has to offer.

Sweeter than I was expecting, this wine layers its currant and cherry core with powerful notes of vanilla, then layers of gingerbread and toasted cinnamon sticks. I have to say it evokes neither cabernet nor syrah — and particularly not the latter — coming across with an exuberance that I associate more with zinfandel — or, given the 15% abv, perhaps ruby Port. Enduring notes of brown sugar, infused with baking spices, give the finish an unexpected length that never seems to quit, vanilla lasting the longest during the fade-out.

Also available as part of Justin’s “Art of Blending” three-pack (pictured).


2020 Justin Savant Paso Robles




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