Review: Chattanooga Whiskey Bottled in Bond Fall 2018 Vintage

Review: Chattanooga Whiskey Bottled in Bond Fall 2018 Vintage

We’ve been trying our best to keep up with Tennessee’s Chattanooga Whiskey, but between their core Tennessee High Malts, extensive barrel finishes, and experimental batches, it’s a lot of whiskey to cover. After missing the first three releases of their Bottled in Bond series (part of the High Malt line), we finally got our hands on a sample of the Fall 2018 Vintage. Here are the deets:

Barreled July through December 2018, Chattanooga Whiskey’s Fall 2018 Vintage is crafted from a selection of four unique high malt bourbon mash bills – all made within the same distilling season – and each composed of at least 25% specialty malted grains. The result is an innovative approach to one of the industry’s most time-honored quality standards.

The Fall 2018 Vintage features two mashbills familiar to the BIB series, SB091 and B005, which are joined by two mashbills new to the series, B002 and R18098. These add a variety of specialty malts, including cherrywood smoked malt, naked oat malt, and de-husked chocolate malt. Together, these two new mashbills make up 50% of the recipe.

So, there you have it. Another malt-forward offering from a distillery that prides itself on uniquely malty mashbills. According to the folks at Chattanooga, this particular release was created by the distilling team to pair well with the fall season. Let’s see what this sweater weather whiskey has to offer, shall we?

The aroma shows some welcome maturity compared to the other high-malt offerings. There’s still plenty of grain in the mix, but the malt here is more fully formed and expressive, offering up notes of oatmeal cookie, Honey Grahams, and some Tootsie Roll. There’s a subdued smoke element, as well, almost damp campfire, plus soft notes of cinnamon apples and chewy caramel. The palate is burlier than the nose suggests with toasted and doughy malts competing against one another for dominance. A chili pepper heat propels through the sip, making it hard at times to appreciate the sweetness underneath, which is surprisingly rich with notes of torched sugar and silky, buttery caramel. Candied nuts and black cherry offer a nice contrast as the finish arrives with more muscular barrel notes of char and bittersweet dark chocolate. A unique bottled in bond expression that does indeed pair well with winter weather.

100 proof.

B+ / $50 /

Chattanooga Whiskey Bottled in Bond Fall 2018 Vintage




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