Review: Catedral de Mi Padre Mezcal Espadín

Review: Catedral de Mi Padre Mezcal Espadín

Catedral is a California-based brand started by father-daughter duo Jeff and Sydney Block. For each of the six varieties of mezcal they offer, they partner with a different Master Mezcalero. The Espadín we are trying today was made by Jorge Octavio Cardaz Cualtamirano in the mountains outside Oaxaca City, Mexico. Let’s give it a try.

As with most mezcal, it is joven which means it has not been aged in wood and is therefore clear in color. The nose is gentle and quite nice with herbaceous agave notes of lightly sweet green pepper and a touch of smoke. The palate is must bolder, hitting first with a big peppery bite. Sweet green pepper follows at the midpalate, lending the mezcal complexity, while gentle smoke comes in for the finish, which is enjoyable and fairly long. The flavors are helped along by the higher proof, but the heat is noticeable and some might want to add a touch of water. Catedral is certainly good enough to sip neat, but the peppery character convinces me it would be fantastic in a Bloody Maria.

92 proof. NOM 070-SCFI-2016.

B+ / $60 /

Catedral De Mi Padre Mezcal Espadín




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