Review: Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila

Review: Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila

Blue cocktails are fun — aren’t they? Years ago, a healthy shot of blue curacao was the only way to turn your drink the shade of the ocean, but recently released products like Empress 1908 Gin have provided more hacks for the mixologist’s toolbox – a trick achieved by infusing the spirit with bright blue (but tasteless) pea flowers.

Now a tequila’s getting in on the blueness, with Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila billing itself as the world’s first “color changing tequila.” (That claim is made because the blue tequila turns pink when an acidic mixer like lime juice is added.) It’s not just blanco tequila in a shade of blue, though. It’s also infused with prickly pear and clementine orange, in addition to the now essential butterfly pea flower. (The name of the brand is a nod to its conservation efforts, as it makes donations to the Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund.)

The good news is that while the spirit may look like mouthwash, it doesn’t taste it. That said, it doesn’t taste like tequila, either. The nose is heavy with candied orange plus notes of vanilla and milk chocolate, amplifying the impression of sweetness. The palate takes that idea and runs with it: Very sweet, with notes of overripe mandarins, orange jelly candies, and a slug of vanilla, this is closer to that saccharine blue curacao in flavor than any tequila you’ve ever had. I struggled to find anything resembling agave in the mix and largely failed, though the finish at least nods at a slight earthiness — though that feels like it could be driven by any kind of basic alcohol.

All told, Butterfly Cannon comes across as 90% party trick, 10% something you might actually use in a cocktail. Which will undoubtedly be something you call a watch-the-margarita-turn-from-blue-to-pink. And then it will go back on the shelf. Wheeeee!

80 proof. NOM 1438.


Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila




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