Review: Montagave Tequila Blanco “Heritage” (Lot 237)

Review: Montagave Tequila Blanco “Heritage” (Lot 237)

Montagave comes to us from the Cascahuin distillery in Jalisco, by way of Aspen, Colorado. The agave for this spirit, a second edition known formally as “‘Héritage’ (Lot 237),” is grown in the Lowlands region. It’s sold as a blanco but is actually rested for 57 days in barrels — specifically Grand Cru Bordeaux barrels used in the company’s earlier Lot 172 release, used here as a 2nd fill casks.

We never encountered Lot 172, so let’s dig into this brand with fresh taste buds.

Any thoughts that the time this spirit has spent in wine cask has mellowed this tequila at all should be put squarely away. Aggressively spicy and peppery on the nose, it invades the senses with cracked black pepper notes and a certain rustic quality that offers light notes of roasted meat and underbrush, but which, in time, allows a touch of lemon-infused honey to emerge. Initially sharp on the palate, the tequila takes its time to settle down but eventually finds a certain sweet quality that lands somewhere between coconut nectar and cane syrup, infused with more black pepper, green pepper, and even some green onion in the mix. Those notes of lemon peel, plus a hint of grapefruit, oxidized wine, and some sesame oil all come together well as the finish builds — lasting, spicy, and rich.

The tequila ultimately presents itself much closer to a reposado than a blanco — and a bold one, at that — but if you know what you’re getting into, I think this bottling has plenty to recommend it.

82 proof. NOM 1123. 1422 bottles produced.

A- / $75 / 

Montagave Tequila Blanco "Heritage" (Lot 237)




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