Review: Mile High Spirits Fireside Bourbon Bottled in Bond

Review: Mile High Spirits Fireside Bourbon Bottled in Bond

Last summer, we tasted Fireside Single Barrel Bourbon from the irreverent and innovative Colorado craft distillery Mile High Spirits. Today, we’re digging into the oldest whiskey offering under their Fireside label, a Bottled in Bond Bourbon. As far as I can tell, it’s essentially the same rye bourbon as the single barrel but bottled in small batches and aged “just shy of almost half a quarter of four decades,” per the distillery. That one took me a minute to figure out, too. We thought the single barrel showed a lot of promise last year, so let’s see what another year of barrel aging has done for this one.

The aroma showcases freshly baked notes of sweet, buttery cornbread, sugary praline, and Andes Mints that give a drinker plenty to ponder before the first sip. The palate is, once again, rich and oily with an impressive silky texture that offers up familiar notes of toasted sugar and cream soda, along with a touch of caramel apple. On the mid-palate, burly notes of barrel char and fresh oak muscle in on some of that sweeter, softer nuance. Once the finish arrives, things have dried out a bit with a mild, woody spice and fading notes of chewy caramel and tobacco. Like the single barrel, this bonded expression of Fireside bourbon is hampered, just slightly, by an overabundance of oak. Still impressive, nonetheless.

100 proof.

B+ / $45 /

Mile High Spirits Fireside Bourbon Bottled in Bond




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