Review: Bocavin Electric Wine Aerator

Review: Bocavin Electric Wine Aerator

We’ve covered countless aerator products over the years here, but with Bocavin, the company is attempting something new: Drop a AAA battery into your bottle-topping aerator, and the whole thing vibrates, really amping up the amount of air that can get into your vino.

The product design is interesting. The device has two parts, a clear, plastic flute-like stopper sticks out of the neck of the bottle. The electronics (including the battery) are concealed inside a tube that descends into the neck. Wine flows around this tube through a set of spacers and ends up in the flute when you pour the wine. The trick: When you upturn the bottle, the vibration begins — and it’s aggressively loud and buzzy. Turn the bottle back upright and the vibration stops. There’s also a small base that you can store the Bocavin on when it’s not in use.

It works as advertised, though sometimes I found the buzzing didn’t start on cue, and sometimes it didn’t stop promptly when I put the bottle down. All told, it worked well enough for a product that is basically designed as a stocking stuffer.

Does it work? Well, do any aerators work? I would say yes, it was effective at “opening up” my test wines — but it did leave my wines a little foamy, which took a bit of time to settle down. I’m not sure how I’d feel about pouring a prized Petrus through such a device, but for a $20 everyday red, what harm is there to give it a try?


Bocavin Electric Wine Aerator




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