Review: 2021 Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Rose

Review: 2021 Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Rose

Billed as a low-calorie (85 per serving), low-carb wine, Sunny With a Chance of Flowers really trims down its waistline load by lowering its alcohol level to a mere 9% abv. What’s in it? Who knows. The official website lists the grape varietal as “rose,” so there’s really no telling — though we do know these mystery grapes were grown in Monterey County, California.

The flavor of the wine hews closer to wine cooler than Provence, with notes of watermelon and strawberry candy dominant. Breezy and thin with, indeed, plenty of flowers in the finish, it evaporates from the palate in mere seconds. What’s left behind is decidedly pleasant, though it’s all far from memorable, a touch of floral fruit that could have come from a juice box.

If you feel you need to cut calories in your diet, I applaud your efforts — but find somewhere else to do it and leave your wine alone.

C+ / $12 /

2021 Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Rose




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