Review: Heaven’s Door Bourbon Decade Series 10 Years Old (2022)

Review: Heaven’s Door Bourbon Decade Series 10 Years Old (2022)

One of the first releases from Heaven’s Door was a 10 year old Tennessee Bourbon that we greatly enjoyed. Now that original whiskey has left the market, and the Bob Dylan-backed brand is back with a new 10 year old bourbon, and though it’s no longer billed as “Tennessee Bourbon,” it still hails from the same state, with a mashbill that carries more than 20% rye, per the back label. As with other Heaven’s Door products, this is sourced from unstated producers (though the number of Tennessee-based suspects is decidedly small) — though, notably, this is not charcoal mellowed.

Ready to tuck into Decade Series Release #01? Let’s go!

Heaven’s Door is often a sweeter experience, and this bottling is no exception. Bright butterscotch, vanilla, and a huge slug of mint dominate the nose. More overt wood notes play second fiddle, but they linger gently in the background. Again the palate is dominated by sweetness, here showing orange peel, Marasca cherry, and ample brown butter. A brown sugar character is backed up by just a hint of peanut shell, then some caramel corn and a touch of dill. The body feels buttery and rich, sandalwood overtones lending a sultry quality to the whiskey. Clean, sweet finish, tinged with notes of banana and milk chocolate. Love it.

100 proof.


Heaven's Door Bourbon Decade Series 10 Years Old (2022)




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  1. Paul on October 14, 2022 at 7:29 am

    Managed to get a bottle of this in the UK and being a big fan of the other heavens door releases was expecting something special…. And it does not disappoint…. Simply stunning and for $99 a bit of a bargain.

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