Review: NV Bonterra Bubbles Brut and Rose Sparkling Wine

Review: NV Bonterra Bubbles Brut and Rose Sparkling Wine

Bonterra Organic Vineyards in Sonoma, California has been producing wines from organic grapes since 1987, focused on regenerative farming and sustainability practices in wine production. (And for avoidance of doubt, technically Bonterra’s wines are not “organic wines” since there are sulfites added, but instead they are wines made conventionally but with organic grapes.) And as of 2020, they were officially certified for Climate Neutrality by Climate Neutral, an independent non-profit organization. A list of criteria and certified brands can be found on their website. With the ready-to-drink canned alcoholic trend continuing its foothold, Bonterra has begun to offer their well regarded and accessible wines in slim 250ml cans, first in 2019 with their still wines and now with two sparkling varieties added to the portfolio.

Let’s pop these open.

NV Bonterra Bubbles Brut – The nose is bright and tingly with tropical citrus and stone fruit, with a familiar effervescent tickle. The palate is bold, bright, and creamy with weighty profiles of bitter granny smith apples, apricot skin, and slightly under-ripe strawberry. The wine is on the dry side, with a medium finish that highlights the bitter citrus rind against the sweeter stone fruit. Easy to drink and engaging enough for all that a summer’s day has to offer. 13.0% abv. B+

NV Bonterra Bubbles Rose – The nose is less pronounced and shows a softer version of citrus and stone fruit, with a mellower expression of berries. The mouthfeel is less weighty and a bit thinner, with citrus notes more dominant and pronounced than in the Brut. The shorter finish lingers on the citrus rind that gives way to noticeable woody quality. The Rose is quite pleasant and very drinkable, although perhaps not as complex as the Brut. 12.0% abv. B

$5 per 250 ml can /

NV Bonterra Bubbles Rose




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