Review: 2019 Masseria Surani Primitivo

Review: 2019 Masseria Surani Primitivo

We sampled a range of Italian primitivo-based wines last year (check that post for a discussion on the origin and character of the grape). Today we are sampling another primitivo, this one from the same region in southern Italy, Puglia, as those earlier wines. Let’s give it a try.

The nose is a bit restrained, revealing light notes of plum and nutmeg, but the palate is much more assertive. Here we find bolder plum notes, anise, a little nutmeg, and a bit of a salty, savory character. The finish is medium in length and introduces some enjoyable light tannins. Like many primitivos, this is a meaty wine (albeit with a slightly blunt grape juice cocktail note), and it should work well with barbecue this summer.

B / $18 /

2019 Masseria Surani Primitivo




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