Review: Parch Agave Non-Alcoholic Cocktails – Prickly Paloma and Spiced Pinarita

Review: Parch Agave Non-Alcoholic Cocktails – Prickly Paloma and Spiced Pinarita

Parch is a new line of non-alcoholic, agave-based, ready-to-drink canned cocktails with such careful consideration of approach to the ubiquitous NA category that I will let them introduce themselves:

In developing Parch, we studied ancient beverages, rituals and botanical infusions across Mexico and the Southwestern US, drawing inspiration from traditional plant-based beverages enjoyed as alternatives to alcohol. Our distinctive adult beverages are inspired by the Sonoran Desert and the lush biodiversity it keeps. Each sip offers complex flavors from unique pairings of desert ingredients, based on the ethos that “what grows together, goes together.

Sourcing ingredients within the same terroir is a well-respected in culinary circles, so it makes sense for beverages as well. The list of desert-sourced plants and herbs are plentiful in the Parch formulations, which include jicama, chamomile, ashwagandha root, and hibiscus plants, amongst others. Also incorporated are green tea extracts (L-Theanine) and GABA, which have been common in non-alcoholic beverages that aim to give you similar “feel good” effects from alcohol without the downsides.

Let’s see how we’re feeling about their offerings.

Parch Prickly Paloma – The opaque, strawberry-peach hue of the drink is a strong prelude to the creamy, syrupy body and its fruit-driven sweetness. The nose is quite fragrant with citrus floral notes, and the effervescence is a refreshing introduction that segues into a lush and intense compote of tart berry and stone fruit. This does lean on the sweeter side, which may be masking some herbal characteristics I was looking forward to such as the listed chamomile and grapefruit bitters. Nonetheless, the drink is bold and rich with some enticing maltiness riding underneath, very reminiscent of a salt-rimmed tequila cocktail, and best served over a generous helping of ice with a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime. B+

Parch Spiced Pinarita – The nose is instantly greeted with what can best be described as spicy pineapple; the pineapple base and cayenne pepper accents are dominant, with some maltiness tying them together. The drink follows suit, with the same density of flavors as the Prickly Paloma but showcasing pineapple and peppers again. Similar to the Paloma, the Pinata is a tad on the sweeter side and would also be recommended serving with a generous helping of ice, adorned with a fresh lime wedge. B+

each $40 for 8-pack of 250 ml cans /

Parch Prickly Paloma




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