Review: Puncher’s Chance Bourbon The D12tance 12 Years Old

Review: Puncher’s Chance Bourbon The D12tance 12 Years Old

Remember Puncher’s Chance, a sourced Kentucky bourbon bottled in Oregon? Well, now they’re back with a 12 year old expression called The Distance — er, The D12tance. This is actually a totally different product, a Tennessee-sourced bourbon (so, you know who…) that is finished in California Cabernet Sauvignon casks.

Let’s give it a whirl.

On first whiff this whiskey immediately reminded me of Four Roses, though I know this was certainly not produced there. Bright and fruity, with an undercurrent of fresh-cut wood, green herbs, and a floral potpourri note, there’s a combination of aromas here that works really well, melding savory lumberyard elements with a bright, flowery character that feels increasingly fresh and brightly pastoral as it develops in the glass. The palate is gently sweet but not overly so, with fruity notes of cherry and peach quickly moving into spicier elements of clove and cinnamon. Vanilla wafers and milk chocolate give the finish a soothing quality; things feel just about right at 48% abv, with a slight but never aggressive heat. The fade-out is all Mexican chocolate, a touch of spice clinging to the back of an otherwise chocolate-coated throat. Good stuff.

96 proof.

A- / $120 / 

Puncher's Chance Bourbon The D12tance 12 Years Old




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