Review: On The Rocks Cocktails – Aviation, Cosmopolitan, and Mai Tai

Review: On The Rocks Cocktails – Aviation, Cosmopolitan, and Mai Tai

Launched in 2016, On The Rocks ready-to-drink cocktails seem to have held a solid footing in the RTD space and chances are high that you have already seen bottles of On The Rocks at your neighborhood stores. The beverages aim to stick with traditional recipes and start with premium well-known branded spirits as their base.

Let’s see what the buzz has been all about and take a look at three of their offerings.

All are 40 proof.

On The Rocks Aviation – Larios gin is featured in OTR’s Aviation. At the start, a strong floral note greets you (which may lean a bit too much on perfumed soap), followed by a berry fruitiness. The palate is well balanced between bold rounded gin and bright cherry and citrus notes. Equal parts dry (from the gin), sour, and fruit-forward sweetness. The floral note may be overpowering and distracting for some, but it’s a solid enough version of the traditional drink nevertheless. B+

On The Rocks Cosmopolitan – Effen vodka is the base spirit of this popular cocktail. The nose is mostly bright strawberry. The palate follows suit with a strong strawberry soda profile (although the featured fruit is actually cranberry), with sweet and sour notes both prominent. The cocktail is true to what you’d expect from a bar, with vodka pronounced and constant in the profile, plus bold levels of both sour and sweet. No surprises here — and no complaints when it’s as easy as open-and-pour. B+

On The Rocks Mai Tai – Cruzan rum is the spirit of choice in this tropical favorite. The nose is a throwback to the pineapple-pear profile of white Haribo gummy bears, and suggests a fairly sweet concoction. The caramelized banana-vanilla notes of the rum are dominant, with sweet-tart pineapple not far behind, lingering with coconut undertones. Unlike the other two, the sweetness on this drink as compared to the traditional version is a couple of notches down, and makes for more of a pleasant return sipper than the tiki bar counterpart. A-

each $12.50 per 375 ml bottle /

On The Rocks Aviation




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