Review: Shaker & Spoon Vodka Brunch Box

Review: Shaker & Spoon Vodka Brunch Box

As high-end cocktail subscription service Shaker & Spoon notes, “Over the years our boxes have featured countless drinks to enjoy while twirling away in the twilight hours—so now it’s time for a slight change: three options primed to become the belles of your next brunch.”

This installment of S&S’s box attempts the impossible: Making vodka interesting. They’re doing that by putting spins on “three favorites of the brunch format—coffee, mimosa, and a Bloody Mary,” which I paired with a bottle of Charbay Clear Vodka, sent courtesy of the distillery.

I made all three cocktails in the kit. Far and away my favorite was The Weekender, a (modest) spin on the Bloody Mary, with an infused vinegar adding some nuance to a well-understood drink. The other two cocktails I felt were both quite a bit too sweet. That said, it’s not a hard thing to dial down any sweetening elements. If you’re willing to experiment a little bit, and you want to figure out something fun to do with boring old vodka, I recommend giving the kit a try.

As always, kits are available for subscription for $50 to $59 per month.

Shaker & Spoon Vodka Brunch Box




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