Review: 2021 Domaine Bousquet Alavida Malbec

Review: 2021 Domaine Bousquet Alavida Malbec

The label of this wine does its very best to inform customers that this Domaine Bousquet offering is a bottle for celebrating, with numerous toasts and well-wishes from around the world in a handwritten font and lively colors. “A La Vida,” when translated, bears a resemblance to the Hebrew toast “L’chayim,” which means “to life!,” a fitting nod seeing as not only is this Malbec organic, it’s also kosher.

Unsurprisingly for anyone with a familiarity with Domaine Bousquet’s portfolio, this is a vibrant expression of malbec presenting a bright composition of blueberry and raspberry preserves eventually tempered by black cherry and notes of dark chocolate and hibiscus flower. The acidity and tannins are not too strong and remain balanced by a touch of star anise sweetness on the finish. While approachable, it is by no means mundane: This is a very complex wine made from a disciplined, complex process, with results worthy of space at any celebration.


2021 Domaine Bousquet Alavida Malbec




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