Review: Skyy Vodka (2022)

Review: Skyy Vodka (2022)

Skyy Vodka made a huge splash when it arrived on the scene in 1992, a high-end vodka made in San Francisco (and in an iconic blue bottle) at a time when it was thought that the only good vodkas came from Europe or beyond. Now owned by Campari, Skyy recently underwent a reformulation, likely in large part because it is no longer made in California but rather in Pekin, Illinois. There’s a lot of lip service to it’s origin story — “Skyy Vodka is made with water enhanced by minerals, including Pacific minerals sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area, and filtered through California Limestone” — but it’s not actually made here, ya know?

With that prologue, let’s give the new Skyy a try. (The bottle’s been tweaked a bit, too.)

Changes or no, Skyy remains a perfectly acceptable and versatile vodka, exceptionally clean from start to finish. A light medicinal note informs a steely mineral quality on the nose, plus a hint of pepper that holds at bay what seems to be some sweeter elements. Again it’s quite light-bodied and refreshing on the palate, though clearly sweeter than the nose would indicate, with a light vanilla character in the mix. Rounded and lightly creamy in body, the finish is bright with just a hint of lemon. Again: Wholly versatile (if innocuous), and a steal at all of 11 bucks a bottle.

80 proof.


Skyy Vodka (2022)




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