Review: Coperies Single Malt Whisky Francais

Review: Coperies Single Malt Whisky Francais

Coperies is a new brand from Cognac-maker Merlet, which says it leverages centuries of knowhow at creating brandy to create this pot-distilled single malt whisky. Made with French barley in the Charentes region and aged in French oak barrels, this whisky is as French as you can get. There’s no aging information, but let’s not hold that against them.

The Cognac connection is immediately apparent from nosing the freshly-poured spirit: Fruity and floral, one could be forgiven on first blush for assuming this was indeed brandy, as even the mild earthiness feels at home in a younger Cognac. There’s a grainy character underneath that definitely places this in whiskeydom, of course, a toasty oak element adding to the traditional profile. The palate is sweet — again, quite brandylike — with notes of rum raisin, lavender, and brown sugar all in a swirl. Granary notes are well-integrated, giving the whisky a breakfast cereal quality that is typical of many a single malt from other countries. The finish keeps a toe down on that brown sugar quality, allowing the whisky to finish on the sweet side. Again, the more I sip it, the more I think I’m drinking Cognac — and that’s no slam.

80 proof.

B+ / $60 /

Coperies Single Malt Whisky Francais




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