Review: Wines of Halleck Vineyard, 2021 Vintage

Review: Wines of Halleck Vineyard, 2021 Vintage

Halleck Vineyard is a sleeper Sonoma winery known for its limited production pinot noir and a brisk collection of summery whites and roses. With the promise of a hot season breathing down our neck, we took a look at three new white and rose releases from the winery. All of these wines are available for purchase and tasting at Halleck’s tasting room in the Russian River Valley.

2021 Halleck Vineyard “Little Sister” Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley – There’s just a touch of ammonia here on first blush, though it’s balanced by plenty of lemon peel, fresh cut grass, and a modest tropical fruit character. A bit of a “best of all worlds” experience as it develops, the more astringent elements blow off with a little time in glass, allowing an almond-laced, nougaty sweetness to endure on the finish. I warmed up to this wine quite a bit after letting it rest for a moment, its mineral-laced fruitiness really kicking in after it had a touch of air time. B+ / $44

2021 Halleck Vineyard Dry Gewurztraminer Calandrelli Vineyard – A mild style of gewurztraminer, perfumed but not overbearing, with notes of ripe melon, peaches, and honeysuckle — then a punch of minerality, slightly salty and slate-like. Lingering cantaloupe notes, some vanilla-laced nougat, and a reprise of flowers late in the game. Pricey for gewurz, but still quite a treat. A- / $49

2021 Halleck Vineyard Not Your Mother’s Dry White Zinfandel – Yeah, you read that correctly. It’s a rose of zinfandel, but not designed to be sweet. It’s as pink as pink could be — almost like bubblegum — but the palate is indeed drier than expected, in line with a more modern rose. Dry with notes of cranberry, dried flowers, and a pinch of ginger, it’s quite an approachable, summery experience. The color doesn’t feel right — almost electric in hue — but when one has too much zinfandel, what else can one do? B+ / $34

2021 Halleck Vineyard Dry Gewurztraminer Calandrelli Vineyard




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