Review: Few Spirits Four Grain Bourbon 10th Anniversary Edition

Review: Few Spirits Four Grain Bourbon 10th Anniversary Edition

For its recent 10th anniversary, Evanston, Illinois-based Few Spirits dropped a special edition bottling, a bourbon made from a four-grain mashbill (no breakdown specified), aged six years in oak. It’s available exclusively in Illinois and on Few’s own direct-to-consumer channel,

The bright, burgundy-hued whiskey keeps things on the level, aromatically. Peanuts and caramel corn, laced with vanilla and brown butter, give this bourbon a straightforward nose. A hint of acetone adds a layer of industrial heat, though it’s mild and fairly innocuous — though I’d be remiss not to point it out. A shift on the palate as a lighter palate than expected emerges. Peanut butter is instantaneous — both Thai peanut sauce and peanut butter sandwich cookies — before sidling into a body driven by banana, baking spice, and milk chocolate. Enduring and hotter than the 46.5% abv would suggest, a sugary breakfast cereal character emerges as the fruity-sweet elements eventually blow off, the finish culminating with a punch of fresh-milled grain and a light hint of oak. After 6 years in barrel I was expecting a bit more complexity and excitement out of this whiskey. Alas, we take what we get.

93 proof.

B / $50 /

Few Spirits Four Grain Bourbon 10th Anniversary Edition




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