Review: Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut Gin 2021

Review: Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut Gin 2021

Our second look at Monkey 47’s limited release “Distiller’s Cut” gin reminds us of how it’s made: 47 ingredients go into the standard Monkey 47. The Distiller’s Cut adds a 48th, in this case Scarlet Monarda, an aromatic flower that’s largely grown for decorative purposes. The aroma is said to be similar to a bergamot orange.

Let’s give this limited release product — the 2021 didn’t reach us until after the turn of the year — a try.

Monkey 47 is always complex, but the brightness of the additional citruslike notes here is unmistakable. A heady mix of rosemary, juniper, lemon peel, and dusty forest floor on the nose make you itch for a martini immediately. Similar on the palate, but with a cleaner, clearer lemon note that crisps up the herbal edges of the gin nicely. It’s less overtly piney than some other Monkey 47 expressions, though it becomes greener and greener as the finish builds. Notes of tea leaf — perhaps driven by the Monarda — percolate late in the game. Fortunately there’s no sweetness here as was seen in the 2019, just fresh herbs and citrus peel all the way.

94 proof.


Monkey 47 Distiller's Cut Gin 2021




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