Review: Fire & Ice Vodka Original

Review: Fire & Ice Vodka Original

This Swiss vodka is made from organic wheat and is proofed with local water, yet it hits the shelf for $20 a bottle or less.

To be sure, there’s not a hell of a lot to it. The nose is clean but moderately medicinal and lightly earthy, with notes of Band-Aids mixing with hints of almond husk. Slightly sweeter than expected on the nose, with some nougaty nuttiness evident, alongside a touch of vanilla and milk chocolate. Almond Joys, anyone? It’s not quite to that level, really, but the gentle sweetness makes for a solid through-line, lingering well into the finish, where a squeeze of lemon emerges to provide a touch of acidity. A perfectly acceptable mixer, but I wouldn’t push things past that point.

80 proof.

B / $20 / 

Fire & Ice Vodka Original




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