Review: Suyo Pisco Single Origin No. 1

Review: Suyo Pisco Single Origin No. 1

Suyo Pisco No. 1 is a new Peruvian pisco made entirely from Quebranta grapes drawn from the Mala Valley. Its claim of “single origin” isn’t absolutely clear since the grapes are purchased from a variety of vineyards, but they all seem to be drawn from this one district in Lima, Peru. The brand was introduced by Alex Hildebrandt and Ian Leggett, Peruvian-Americans who, in 2019, dedicated themselves to drawing broader attention to their favorite spirit.

Suyo Pisco rests for 12 months after distillation, but like most pisco it is unoaked. As a result, it is absolutely clear in the glass. As is common with pisco, there is a smell of petrol, but it is very light and is accompanied by subtle, pleasantly fruity notes of peach and grape. The petrol note does not carry over to the palate, which has a floral character and includes the fruit found on the nose. It also has a nice, zingy citrus quality as well as a touch of smoke, and it finishes with light notes of pepper and cinnamon. The alcohol is well hidden here, allowing the gentle flavors to come across nicely. This is a solid pisco and will work served neat or in cocktails — and would make a good introduction for people interested in giving pisco a try.

81 proof.

A- / $45 /

Suyo Pisco Single Origin No. 1




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