Review: Tequila Partida Elegante

Review: Tequila Partida Elegante

Elegante is arguably Partida’s most elevated offering, an extra anejo — and not a cristalino, mercifully — that spends 40 months in oak before bottling.

While many extra anejos are ultra-sweet desserts in a glass, Elegante manages to keep agave clearly in its sights. The nose is peppery and green, buttressed by coconut and caramel, but clearly focused on its spicier elements. An initial rush of sweetness — caramel and coconut again, with some butterscotch in the midst — hits the tongue, before that agave peppery character creeps back into the picture. It’s milder on the tongue than in the nose, which creates a curious dissonance, the finish returning to spice but adding a heavy vanilla character to the mix — almost like a cream soda. Lots of back and forth here between sweet and spicy/savory, which makes it hard to pin down. That’s not a bad thing.

80 proof.

A- / $300 / 

Tequila Partida Elegante




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