Review: Merlet Creme de Melon Charentais

Review: Merlet Creme de Melon Charentais

Essentially a liqueur made from a French varietal of cantaloupe, this lightly golden liqueur is evocative of melon, but it takes its time to get there. The nose and attack are aggressively sweet, floral, almost perfumed, with an indistinct note of candied melon. The palate showcases the cantaloupe a bit more clearly, but it’s muddied under a thick layer of sweet, white sugar. That sweetness endures just about forever as the palate builds toward the finish, reinforcing how simple and overbearingly sweet this liqueur is. Slightly salty and gently vegetal on the conclusion, that sugary character slowly becomes saccharine, clinging to the mouth for what feels like hours.

36 proof.

C / $28 /

Merlet Creme de Melon Charentais




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