Review: Betty Buzz Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mixers

Review: Betty Buzz Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mixers

The new flavored seltzer, ahem… buzz, about town is Betty Buzz, a new line of sparkling mixers that are also designed to be consumed on their own (and which are brought to you by Blake Lively). These mixers boast “only clean ingredients” as the flavoring agents, are lightly sweetened, and promise nothing artificial.

If that’s the case, there’s not much more to cover here, so let’s pop these open.

Betty Buzz Mixers Ginger Beer – The ingredients are listed as carbonated water, cane sugar, ginger juice, and citric acid (of unspecified origin; it is technically found naturally in all citrus fruit but can also be manufactured). The flavor is definitively sweet-tart, with that kick of ginger heightened by the carbonation. The taste is clean and satisfying as a standalone soda of sorts, and a great base for a refreshing cocktail. A

Betty Buzz Mixers Meyer Lemon Club Soda – This is a very muted drink and true to form as a flavored seltzer. The Meyer lemon juice concentrate, sea salt, and “natural flavors” are subtle on the whole, with no hint of sweetness. This is as clean a presentation as I can imagine, and it probably will do best in a conventional vodka soda if you’re going for a cocktail. Otherwise, you might need to add a lemon wedge garnish if drinking it straight. B+

Betty Buzz Mixers Sparkling Grapefruit – The ingredients are carbonated water, agave syrup, and grapefruit juice concentrate. Similar to the ginger beer, the natural flavors of the simple ingredients come through well, with just a touch of bitter rind complementing the sweeter varietals of grapefruit (it has the softness of red grapefruit, if I were to guess). It tastes satisfying on its own, and works as a great base in summer-forward, lighter cocktails and spritzers. A

Betty Buzz Mixers Tonic Water – No mystery here, this is a well balanced tonic. Effervescent with the right touch of sweetness. Satisfying on its own, but also a winner in a gin and tonic. A-

Betty Buzz Mixers Sparkling Lemon Lime – This is a variation on the Meyer Lemon Club Soda with the addition of lime juice, which does kick it up a modest notch above the Meyer Lemon. The flavor still falls a little flat on its own, and could use a lime or lemon wedge to help brighten it up a little. B+

All in all, this is a reliable no-fuss line of beverages to have around that are simple, clean, and versatile.

$40 for the collection of five 9 oz bottles /

Betty Buzz Mixers Ginger Beer




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