Review: Hello Gorgeous Rose Vodka Spritzers

Review: Hello Gorgeous Rose Vodka Spritzers

Hello Gorgeous is a new line of ready to drink cocktails that are rather unambiguous about their figuratively effervescent value proposition. “Sourced from the South of France, each sip is intended to bring out your inner Joie de Vivre.” It is also “about unleashing the beauty of your self expression to the world.”

The base of these canned cocktails includes rose wine and French vodka, spruced up with gentle fruit and botanical notes and packaged in a slim rose-colored can that is idyllically French. They certainly look pretty, and they boast low sugar and low alcohol.

Let’s see how they make us feel.

Each is 5% abv.

Hello Gorgeous Rose Vodka Spritzer Clementine and Peach – The softer clementine positioned against peach is a lovely combination. Just a hint of tart and the reticent sweetness of stone fruit, cut through with the dryness of the rose and some nice carbonation. This presents squarely with the visual impressions, both elegant and approachable as a canned cocktail. I don’t necessarily feel as if my inner beauty has been unleashed, but I do feel like my mood is just one step ahead of lounging on a veranda I envision to be the ideal setting for the occasion. A-

Hello Gorgeous Rose Vodka Spritzer White Grape and Elderflower – This drink also sends me to the veranda, albeit one that is overgrown with blooming, perfumed flowers. The white grape is an obvious complement to the rose wine base, giving it a bit more zest, but the main attraction is clearly florals. These floral notes are not shy; if it didn’t state elderflower right in the product name, I would have bet this was made with red roses, in all their expressive glory, calling to mind candles, rose water, and edible roses sprinkled over salad. That said, the floral notes come off as natural and bright. It’s a nice twist if you’re looking for a change. B+

$30 per 4-pack of 355 ml cans /

Hello Gorgeous Rose Vodka Spritzer Clementine and Peach




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  1. Ellen christopher on July 21, 2022 at 5:00 pm

    Why is there $10 fee to ship if the four pack is $30??? I want to try them to see if I like them…
    Is the hello gorgeous rose vodka spritzer available in any liquor stores in New Jersey?
    Please advise, Thank you!

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