Review: Batiste Rhum Reserve

Review: Batiste Rhum Reserve

We recently tried Batiste Rhum Silver and Gold, and today we taste their older sibling. As with the brand’s younger bottlings, Batiste Rhum Reserve is also a rhum agricole, distilled 100% from sugarcane and not from molasses. After distillation, it is aged in Tennessee rye oak casks for 18 months. Let’s give it a try.

In the glass, Batiste Rhum Reserve pours a lovely golden color. The nose offers enticing notes of caramel followed by some grassiness and a touch of pepper. The palate surprises as the rye aging asserts itself first with a spicy, peppery kick. Caramel and vanilla notes come next and integrate nicely with the rye, followed by marshmallow and a bit of grassiness. This rum has a lot more character than its younger siblings and makes for a solid sipper. The finish is a bit short and a touch tannic, but otherwise, the rum is distinctive and enjoyable.

90 proof.

B+ / $44 /

Batiste Rhum Reserve




Robert Lublin teaches whisk(e)y and wine appreciation classes for Arlington Community Education, near Boston, MA. He is also a Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston and has published books and articles on Shakespeare as well as theatre and film history.

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