Book Review: Islay Whisky: From Ardbeg to Port Ellen

Book Review: Islay Whisky: From Ardbeg to Port Ellen

Distilando is an app that, according to their website, aims to thoroughly educate users about the spirits they love. Here, users may find all the bottles they’ve always wanted and track/display their collection. The site and app are currently in “invite only” mode, so I cannot speak to the validity of these claims. But they were kind enough to send along a copy of their latest ebook covering my absolute favorite region of Scotland: Islay.

Starting with Ardbeg and working its way through alphabetically to Port Ellen, the book stops at every working distillery, giving a brief overview of its style, history, and production along with levels of peat used and basic tasting notes for each brand.

At 43 pages in length, the ebook is rather light but delivers a solid orientation for those learning about regional differences and producers of single malts. Most Islay diehards will already know a large percentage of the facts and stories and can probably sit this one out. On the plus side, it is free and delivers enough straightforward information to get people on their way to discovering the wonderful single malts on offer from the island’s producers, so there are zero financial stakes in downloading and giving it a read. Those looking to explore Islay’s history at a deeper level would be well-served by Andrew Jefford’s excellent Whisky Island.


Islay Whisky: From Ardbeg to Port Ellen




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