Review: Stoll & Wolfe Keystone Rosen Rye Whiskey 2 Years Old

Review: Stoll & Wolfe Keystone Rosen Rye Whiskey 2 Years Old

Back in 2020 we got a first look at Stoll & Wolfe’s Rosen Rye — as an unreleased white whiskey made from Pennsylvania-grown heritage rye of the rosen variety. Now that whiskey has spent two years in the barrel and is finally available, albeit only as a 100-bottle ultra-limited release that’s surely sold out by now.

We sourced a small sample for review. Thoughts follow.

As with the white whiskey, there’s plenty of raw heat and pungency here, driven by the aggressive cereal character of the whiskey. It needs time in glass to simmer down a bit; at first blush it can hit the nose as a bit green and aggressive. Notes of roasted nuts and ample herbs — just hinted at in the white whiskey — are more evident here, but again it all takes a bit of time to reveal itself. The palate is quite interesting: grilled pineapple and citrus offer an immediate fruitiness, with notes of vanilla and sesame perking up in short order. Incredibly fruit-forward for a whiskey of any age, especially a 2 year old, that pineapple character, almost candied, becomes a powerhouse on the finish. Hints of sweet tea give the conclusion a southern feel.

Once again, Stoll & Wolfe is doing something really special with its rye program. As this whiskey gets older and older, I can’t wait to see what transpires.

102 proof.

A- / $NA /

Stoll & Wolfe Keystone Rosen Rye Whiskey 2 Years Old




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