Review: Drake’s Organic Boxtails, Complete Lineup

Review: Drake’s Organic Boxtails, Complete Lineup

Here’s a new concept in the RTD space: A massive box of margaritas or mojitos that you can tap into any time.

Drake’s Organic Boxtails are 1.75 liters of shelf stable cocktails that have no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. They are very convenient because they don’t need to be refrigerated. Instead, they are meant to be poured over ice, which provides essential dilution – without ice, they are too concentrated to enjoy. These are all summer cocktails, meant to be enjoyed on the rocks, ice cold, ideally by a pool. Each of the three varieties is 12% abv and $17, which makes them quite a bargain when you realize how many drinks can be poured out of each.

Let’s give them all a try.

Drake’s Organic Boxtails Mango Punch – Mango Punch pours pale pink and slightly cloudy, and it smells of fruity sweetness, vodka, and Tums antacid. The flavor is identical. It tastes like mango punch but with antacid mixed in. It isn’t terrible, but the medicinal character is undeniable. C-

Drake’s Organic Boxtails Margarita – The margarita pours cloudy white and smells of lime but there is also a bit of a medicinal funk. Nevertheless, this is a decent enough pre-mixed cocktail. There is no mistaking it for a homemade margarita, but it is enjoyable. It has pleasant flavors of lime and triple sec, and while you can taste the alcohol, the flavor of tequila is absent. This is a margarita to enjoy with a lot of ice on a hot summer day, but it goes no deeper. B-

Drake’s Organic Boxtails Minted Mojito – Pouring cloudy white in the glass, the mojito smells strongly of mint. Giving it a try, mint is again dominant, with light rum notes peeking through. There is also the unmistakable note of Halls menthol cough medicine, but it isn’t strong and doesn’t detract too much from the cocktail. It is not a homemade mojito, but it is a pleasant enough drink. B

each $17 per 1.75 liter box /

Drake’s Organic Boxtails Minted Mojito




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